Salon Mats for the Standing Worker

The word “ergonomics” is defined as “the natural laws of work”. Optimal performance, which many of us define as productivity, is the ultimate goal of ergonomic design. It’s therefore reasonable to expect that the implementation of ergonomic concepts offers tremendous value to any company, and can be realized with the creation of comfortable, healthy and safe work environments. Providing anti-fatigue salon mats for standing workers is an excellent...

Salon Mats: With or Without Cut-Outs?

One of the biggest questions to consider when purchasing a salon mat is whether to get one of these beauty mats with a cut-out or with one.  There are several points to consider before making your decision and we’re here to help.  Below are the top considerations when choosing your salon mat...

High Heel Proof Salon Mats are Puncture Proof and Long Lasting

Since being introduced in early 2010, our High-Heel Proof Salon Mats have been well received by those in the salon and beauty industry.  These salon mats were rigorously tested beforehand and have performed quite successfully since their inception.

Salon Mats for Square Base Salon Chairs

All of American Salon Mats’ products are now available with a cut-out for square base salon chairs in addition to the standard semi-circular cut-out.  As square bases have become omnipresent over the last few years it would behoove us to add this feature to all of our salon mat offerings.

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