Salon Mats for Square Base Salon Chairs

Salon Mats for Square Base Salon Chairs

All of American Salon Mats’ products are now available with a cut-out for square base salon chairs in addition to the standard semi-circular cut-out.  As square bases have become omnipresent over the last few years it would behoove us to add this feature to all of our salon mat offerings.

Since this is a new feature for us but not considered a custom cut, all orders for square base cutouts need to be made over the phone, not online. 

Please be aware that the square cut-outs take approximately 1 more day for to ship out.

A typical square base is 20” x 20” and thus a typical square cut-out is 20” x 10”.  This allows the entire width and the back half of the chair base to be onto of the mat.  Having this setup allows for a balance of comfort and coverage around salon chair.  We are able to make virtually any size square cutout should one be needed.

Please feel free to email or call any of our experts if you have any questions about salon mats with square bases or anything else.

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