High Heel Proof Salon Mats are Puncture Proof and Long Lasting

Heel Proof Salon Mats

Since being introduced in early 2010, our High-Heel Proof Salon Mats have been well received by those in the salon and beauty industry.  These salon mats were rigorously tested beforehand and have performed quite successfully since their inception.

High Heel Proof Salon Mats offer all the comfort and relief of our other mats in the salon mat product line but help prevent punctures and tears due to high heel shoes (as well as punctures from other sharp object such as shears or razors).

These salon mats have a surface layer that is at least twice as thick as any other salon mats available today.  This extra dense, extra thick shell helps protect the mat and increases it durable and overall performance.

Although only available in black in both 1/2" and 7/8” thicknesses at the moment, this heel-proof salon mat has become our fastest growing salon mat line.  Industry reviews, customer comments and tradeshow responses all agree – the High Heel Proof Salon Mat is in a class by itself for being both puncture-proof and comfortable.

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